Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ILLiad

What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is the electronic system you use to request an item through Interlibrary Loan. The name ILLiad can be thought of as an acronym for "Inter Library Loan Internet Accessible Database".

View short ILLiad tutorials to request Article or Book.

What information do I need to register for ILLiad?

Once at the registration page, you will be asked for your UTSW person number. Fill in the rest of the information required, and once your access is approved, you will receive an email with more information.

What is the difference between "Rush" and "Regular" delivery?

With "Regular" delivery, articles are usually provided within 3 business days, depending on availability; this option is the default delivery method for all requests.

Users have the option of selecting “Rush” delivery for articles, which means requests will be given top priority by Library staff, and articles should be delivered by the end of the next business day.

Note: "Rush" delivery is not available for book requests.

What is the delivery cost?

Delivery Speed
Cost per Item
Cost per Item
**(Not Affiliated)
(2-10 Days)
(By the end of next business day)
Not available for book requests
(For all requestors)

* Affiliated clients include:

  • Faculty, staff, residents, fellows and students of UT Southwestern Medical Center and:
    • Southwestern Medical School
    • Southwestern School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
    • Southwestern School of Health Professions
    • University Hospitals
  • Volunteer Faculty
    • ** Not affiliated clients:

      • UT Southwestern Alumni must register as unaffiliated to request articles
      • Local healthcare professionals must register as unaffiliated to request articles
      • If you are a student from another university, you must use your home institution's document delivery service
      • While the Medical Library can provide document delivery services for other individuals, particularly in the healthcare community, we do charge a higher fee than those who are affiliated with the campus. You may want to consider other options for obtaining these items, including:
        • your local public library
        • your corporate/departmental library
        • a co-worker or peer who owns the item
        • a commercial document supplier

      Note: Billing for all Interlibrary Loan services is done the following month of service and will be emailed to the address provided. Failure to make payment may result in suspension of Library Services.

What if I don't remember my username and password?

If you do not recall your username and/or password, call 214-648-2002 or email will ask you to provide your UTSW / CMC / Parkland number as identification. Note: Library staff cannot see your password; however, the password can be changed to a generic one, and you will be asked to select a new password once you log in.

How do I pay my bill?

Invoices are emailed to clients each month and should be paid within 30 days. Payments may be made:

  • With an IDR in Procurement Portal
  • By sending a check to the address on the invoice
  • By credit card (Visa or MC only) by calling 214-648-2626 to arrange payment

Who is authorized to access my information?

You may authorize one person to use or access your ILLiad account on your behalf. This can be done when setting up your profile or anytime you need to make a change. If you have not designated someone to access your account, our staff will only be able to provide information about your account to you.

What are my chances of getting a book that was recently published?

Recently published books are sometimes a problem to loan from other libraries, especially if they are popular. You may always check WorldCat to see how many libraries hold a certain book. Once we receive your request, we will attempt to order a book from up to 15 other libraries.

What is the quickest way to get an article that the Library owns?

The Library's electronic collection is available from all UTSW computers and through VPN or EZ Proxy anytime through the EJournals A-Z link.

What types of items may I request?

In addition to books and journal articles, we are able to obtain other items such as conference papers and presentations, theses, and book chapters.

May I have my books delivered to my office?

All UTSW affiliated clients may request hand delivery of books to their academic office. We cannot deliver to off-campus locations. Please include your office room number and that you desire hand delivery in your request. Someone must be in the office and sign for the package when the Library staff member arrives.

Why have I been blocked from using ILLiad?

If you have lost access to ILLiad, the likely issue is that your Illiad registration has expired or you are no longer in the system. It may also be for unpaid invoices. If you are in the Terminal Clearance process, your account will be blocked as well. Please call us at 214-648-2002 for specific information.

Do I need to update my information periodically?

Absolutely! Unfortunately, our system does not communicate with any campus systems, so please check your profile occasionally to make sure that your email address, mailing address, room number, phone number, and authorized users are still current.

How do I find out if an article is available in a particular language?

If you are in PubMed, and the title is in [brackets], the article is very likely Non-English. You can check the language of the journal in the NLM Catalog. The language of the article will be shown there. When ordering, please check the box that you will accept a non-English article. Otherwise we will cancel it.

Where do I pick up and drop off books I have requested?

When you order a book, can either request 'Hand Delivery' of book or pick it up at the Pegasus Park Illiad Office. When your book comes in, we will send you an email that is there waiting for you. When you are ready to turn it in, you may take it to any of the library offices at South Campus, or Pegasus Park Illiad Office during business hours, or you may deposit it in the bookdrop on the main floor of the South Campus Library anytime.

I placed a request, but no longer need the article or book. What happens?

If this is the case, please call us as quick as you can to try to cancel it. If we have already processed it, then it cannot be cancelled and you will still be responsible for any charges.